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- Grail's Mysteries "The Karelian Isthmus", 1992 Amorphis

При желании вы можете слушать - Grail's Mysteries "The Karelian Isthmus", 1992 онлайн, либо скачать в mp3 от Amorphis. Так же мы стараемся делать доступными тексты произведений и их видео клипы.

Исполнитель песни: Amorphis

Название: - Grail's Mysteries ("The Karelian Isthmus", 1992)

Продолжительность файла mp3: 03:02

Когда добавлен: 2015-05-19

Просмотров: 513

Рейтинг песни: 0

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Текст песни:

I shall have a son
Out of Cornwall shall he come
That shall be a wild boar
Bristled with steel...
He shall be a man most brave and
Noble in thought

Thou shall kneel for him
For every man shall humble
In front of our lord
I stood upon the sand of the sea
And the great wind told me to carry on
He shall once know the secret
Of the Holy Grail

And so was the coronation made
And there was he,
Sworn unto his lords and the commons
To be true king



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