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Doctrine X-Rx Remix FGFC820

При желании вы можете слушать Doctrine X-Rx Remix онлайн, либо скачать в mp3 от FGFC820. Так же мы стараемся делать доступными тексты произведений и их видео клипы.

Исполнитель песни: FGFC820

Название: Doctrine (X-Rx Remix)

Продолжительность файла mp3: 03:15

Когда добавлен: 2014-12-01

Просмотров: 350

Рейтинг песни: 0

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Текст песни:

when he was a little boy
his father used to say,
"you want to grow to be a man?
...you better start today!"
listen closely to my words
and i will show you how
there's seven steps to manhood
and i'll teach them to you now
the only thing you'll ever own
is what you hold inside:
your dignity, intelligence,
your loyalty and pride.
ego and indifference
are cancers of the weak.
honesty is Godliness
be truthful when you speak
you want to be remembered
when your earthly life is through?
then teach your sons to leave their mark
on everything they do.
know when to turn the other cheek
know when to seek revenge
the vine that never picks a side
dies rotting on the fence.

Son, you want to grow up...
I think you ought to slow up.
I see disaster in everything you do.

Dad, when I grow up
things are gonna blow up.
I'm gonna be a man just like you.

when the son became a father
then he told his children, too:
be mindful of the things i say
and not the things i do
it's very hard to be the man
...you read about in books
the knights and kings you fantasized
now commoners and crooks
but no one can imprison
an educated mind
so be yourself and free yourself
by learning all the time
if you should discover
you've given all you can
there's nothing more to answer for
that's how to be a man.


FGFC820 - Doctrine (X-Rx Remix)


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