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Live Freestyle 1995 Scoob,Notorious B.I.G.,2pac,Big Daddy Kane,Shyheim

При желании вы можете слушать Live Freestyle 1995 онлайн, либо скачать в mp3 от Scoob,Notorious B.I.G.,2pac,Big Daddy Kane,Shyheim. Так же мы стараемся делать доступными тексты произведений и их видео клипы.

Исполнитель песни: Scoob,Notorious B.I.G.,2pac,Big Daddy Kane,Shyheim

Название: Live Freestyle 1995

Продолжительность файла mp3: 05:17

Когда добавлен: 2014-09-19

Просмотров: 279

Рейтинг песни: 0

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Ещё песни исполнителя Scoob,Notorious B.I.G.,2pac,Big Daddy Kane,Shyheim

Текст песни:

Kane Where's 2Pac and Biggie Smalls??
*crowd goes nuts*
Scoob Yeah, ahhhhhhhhhhhh-ight? (Yeah!)
Scoob Keep it goin!
Kane Mister Cee..
Yo Scoob, you set it off and let's get down for the crown
Scoob Let the place.. rock.. that ill shit
Big One two.. one two.. one two..
Scoob Brooklyn.. JFK, all my niggaz, Richie, Matt
Ready to get wreck, ahhhhhhhh-iight? UHHH!
Kane Go Scoob!

Check it, check it, check it, check it
This here for the motherfuckin record
Here we here we here we go, here we here we go
Can I can I can I kick a motherfuckin flow
chitty chitty bang bang, I chitty bang bang
Motherfuckin niggaz can't hang
Well oh no, look at the cloud, it's gonna rain
But I don't give a fuck I'm lettin niggaz know they can't hang
Don't give me no lip, don't give me no backtalk, yeah break North
Don't make me get my gun and blow YOUR MOTHERFUCKIN HEAD OFF
Once again, niggaz know my style, GOD DAMMIT
unless it's on the cut so give me the mic and watch me slam it
Hard like Shaquille, OH you better KNEEL
When you see me comin, BIG SCOOB GOT EM RUNNIN
Sex when I flex I catch wreck on the world tour
with dough in my pockets big like the biscuits, in CB4
Set up a contest, I'm comin, I'm takin the dough
They wouldn't pick you even if you had a afro
So dont try me, you better walk by me
I'll do you like the first part in Menace II Society
Like Cypress Hill, yo, I'm INSANE
I'll shoot a hole in your toe
I'll make you jump like the House of Pain
Bang biggy bang biggy bang bang
Niggaz can't hang, niggaz can't hang
Bang biggy bang biggy bang bang, motherfuckin niggaz can't hang..

Kane Biggie Smalls, why don't you come do it?

Notorious B.I.G.
One two, one two, gonna do it like this
We gonna do it like this
Anytime you're ready, check it

I got seven Mack 11's, about eight 38's
Nine 9's, ten mack tens, the shits never ends
You can't touch my riches
Even if you had MC Hammer and them 357 bitches
Biggie Smalls; the millionare, the mansion, the yacht
The two weed spots, the two hot glocks
That's how I got the weed spot
I shot dread in the head, took the bread and the lamb spread
Little Gotti got the shotty to your body
So don't resist, or you might miss Christmas
I tote guns, I make number runs
I give mc's the runs drippin
when I throw my clip in the AK, I slay from far away
Everybody hit the D-E-C-K
My slow flow's remarkable, peace to Matteo
Now we smoke weed like Tony Montana sniffed the yeyo
That's crazy blunts, mad L's
My voice excels from the avenue to jail cells
Oh my God, I'm droppin shit like a pigeon
I hope you're listenin, smackin babies at they christening

Tupac Motherfuckin Biggie Smalls!
Kane What you gonna do with it Tupac?

Yeah where the motherfuckin thugs at?
Throw your motherfuckin middle finger
We gonna do this shit like this
I thank the Lord for my many blessings, never stressin
Keep a vest for protection, from the barrel of a Smith & Wesson
And all my niggaz in the pen, here we go again
Ain't nuttin separatin us from a mack-10
Born in the ghetto as a hustler, told ya
A straight soldier, buckin at the bustaz
No matter how you try, niggaz never die
We just retaliate with hate, then we multiply
You see me strikin down the block, hittin corners
Mobbin like a motherfucker, livin like I - wanna
And ain't no stoppin at the red lights, I'm sideways
Thug Life motherfucker crime, pays!
Let the cops put they lights on, chase me nigga
Zig zaggin through the freeway, race me nigga
In a high speed chase with the law
The realest motherfucker that you ever


Scoob, B.I.G., Tupac, Shyheim, Big Daddy Kane - Freestyle '95


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