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I Am The Wooden Doors Agalloch

При желании вы можете слушать I Am The Wooden Doors онлайн, либо скачать в mp3 от Agalloch. Так же мы стараемся делать доступными тексты произведений и их видео клипы.

Исполнитель песни: Agalloch

Название: I Am The Wooden Doors

Продолжительность файла mp3: 06:11

Когда добавлен: 2015-04-11

Просмотров: 524

Рейтинг песни: 0

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Текст песни:

When all is withered and torn
And all has perished and fallen
These great wooden doors shall remain closed. . .

When the heart is a grave filled with blood
And the soul is a cold and haunted shall of lost hope
When the voice of pride has been silenced
And dignity's fires are but cinders
. . .their grandeur shall remain untainted

It is this grandeur that protects the spirit within
From the plight of this broken world, from the wounds in her song
I wish to die with my will and spirit intact
The will that inspired me to write these words
Seek not the fallen to unlock these wooden doors


AGALLOCH - I Am The Wooden Doors (Sub Español)


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