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A Song For Julie Alkaline Trio

При желании вы можете слушать A Song For Julie онлайн, либо скачать в mp3 от Alkaline Trio. Так же мы стараемся делать доступными тексты произведений и их видео клипы.

Исполнитель песни: Alkaline Trio

Название: A Song For Julie

Продолжительность файла mp3: 03:13

Когда добавлен: 2014-08-20

Просмотров: 718

Рейтинг песни: 0

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Текст песни:

got the call, got the call just a couple of days ago
that they took, they went and took one half of your soul
there we were, nearly 1000 miles away when we heard
could hear your tears falling clear as day
we just wished you were okay
there are times, times you'll never forget
in your heart, in your heart you will always live free of regret
because a love, a love like this never dies
it just grows
grows and it strengthens over time
grows stronger with the years of our lives
i was wrong when i said things never work out right
i was wrong to believe that theres no meaning to this life
it's just taken a couple of years
shedding my own tears
to be able to wholeheartedly say to you
you'll never be alone
we'll never be alone


Alkaline Trio - A Song For Julie (Lyrics)


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